Our story

An accident made a dream come true.

I’ve had the dream and the plan to design and produce an ergonomic horse rug for a long time. A rug that can stand play and movement in the field, that has a long durability, great quality and is comfortable for the horse to wear. Today, many rugs and blankets are too large for our increasingly slender modern sport horses and often gives them chafing and pain.

But time passed by and it wasn’t until the day when I was hospitalized after my horse spooked and I fell off hard and broke my back, that I decided to turn the dream that I had into reality.

Fortunately, I had my safety vest on and thanks to that, I suffered a vertebral fracture that didn’t hurt the spinal cord and could be stabilized with screws and braces. For two months I couldn’t ride, but I was training my body the way the doctors had told me to recover as soon as possible.

At home, during the rehabilitation, I started sketching and measuring. I looked for the right quality manufacturer and learnt about patents and trademark protection. There was a lot I didn’t know, but I knew I wanted to do this now – not later.

A dream without a plan is just a wish.

/ Annelie Manberger

The story about EquoIQ - Ergonomic Horsewear
4 months after the accident where I broke my back.
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