EquoIQ 3.0 extra warm winter blanket 400 gr with neck cover


The EquoIQ extra warm winter blanket 400 gr has been developed to provide a more ergonomic and comfortable solution for the horse to wear. Our unique design features a frontal piece attached higher up at both sides of the shoulder blades and therefore reduces pressure on the chest area. A smooth inner liner will give minimal friction at movement.

The top line of the neck cover has straps along it to lift the rug up from the sensitive mane and create a tunnel for air to flow through. This will minimize friction helping to ensure that the mane itself will not be damaged.

The highly durable fabric can handle any rough play out in the field with friends.

  • 1260 dn ballistic nylon
  • Inner liner´s textile 210 T polyester
  • Filling 400 g
  • Waterproof 3000 mm
  • Breathable
  • Quick adjustable fasteners on both sides create a more ergonomic fit and prevent chafing
  • Cross surcingles
  • Tail flap with reflective stripe
  • Reflective stripes at front piece
  • Detachable neck cover designed with an airgap along the mane to avoid pressure and damage
  • Fit normal to slim horses best

Color: Black

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EquoIQ extra warm winter blanket 400 gr are made with durable fabric to last for a long time and to be used several seasons which also gives the benefit of being economic for the owner of the horse.

Our rugs are developed and designed to fit modern sport horses but can also be worn by all kinds of horses due to the design´s very adaptable fit.

It can be fitted individually to each horse thanks to the rows with 3 D-rings at each side of the shoulders. There are 7 cm between each D-ring which creates the ability to vary the shoulder circumference of the rug by 28 cm.
This ensures EquoIQ rugs to have the optimal fit for a wide variety of horses.

Chafing and pressure are common problems for horses who wear rugs many hours a day, so we wanted to develop a rug that will provide the horse with as much freedom of movement as possible even when wearing a rug.

The rugs are easy to put on and to take off with the quick fasteners placed at the sides. The open part below the fasteners ensures that the horse can move as freely as possible.

A common problem while using neck cover is that the horse´s mane can be damaged and will grow less due to chafing. The detachable neck cover has straps along the mane that minimize chafing and irritation from the rug.

Selecing the right size of rug for your horse
Measure the length of your horse from the withers and back to the dock. That length is the correct size needed for your horse. The front flap will be adjusted individually depending on the horse’s shoulder size.

It is really important that the rug is not fastened too tight, because it would limit the horse´s movements and can in some cases cause the fasteners or D-rings to break. The rug will look a bit loose when you put it on correctly and it should not get too tight when the horse lowers its head. This ensures the best comfort for the horse.

Environment – We really care!
EquoIQ rugs are not only ergonomic and promote free movement for your horse.
We care about the environment and want to be a part of a sustainable consumption. Durable and long-lasting rugs mean you do not have to buy new products every season and you will be part of a healthier consumption. We have chosen not to use fleece in our products for two reasons: To minimize plastic particles shredding and to eliminate the risk of static electricity which often occurs when horses have their coats trimmed.

How to maintain and wash your EquoIQ ergonomic turnout rug for horses
Take proper care of your new rug from EquoIQ and you will have a rug that lasts considerably longer than many others on the market today.

To keep the rug waterproof and to avoid that the PU coating enters the environment we recommend rinsing the rug off and carefully brushing away the dirt. Hang it carefully to dry. Of course, you can wash the rug in a washing machine.
Keep your turnout rug waterproof by re-impregnating it regularly.

Selecting the correct rug for your horses – Cooler is better than warmer!
Horses are not humans and do not feel cold like we do. In fact, overheating is a more common problem than being too cold. If you have a hard time choosing between two different rugs, go with the cooler version.

In 2018, researchers concluded that some types of rugs can significantly increase the horse´s surface temperature beyond temperatures that are comfortable for the horse. That could, therefore, compromise the horses’ capacity to regulate their own temperature.

The ergonomic turnout rug for horses from EquoIQ provides considerably more freedom of movement for your best friend. It is made of extra durable materials and is easy to take off and put on.

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